Tuesday, November 4, 2008

| ladybugs |

Ladybugs are sweet little omens (for me anyway).

I can site several examples of very meaningful days in my past that a ladybug has landed on me or has appeared in an obscure place near me during a very amusing, important or intriguing moment.

I'm not too much of a symbolism nerd, I promise, but like I said in the previous post, I haven't painted in two years.... While painting the background of the painting below, something landed in it. This little guy:

Unfortunately for him, he landed on his back in a fairly thick glop of greenish grayish oil paint. I'm not quite sure what to do... I feel like if I clean him up more I could squish him.

He is currently hanging out on my desk by my computer screen. I think he enjoys being on his back because he keeps flipping over. (I'm not sure if he is doing very well at this point...) Perhaps he would do better out in the sun today.

| her daydream |

Soooo... I think it had officially been two years since I picked up a paint brush. It feels good to be high on oils again. ;)

Here is "Her Daydream," a 24x48 oil on canvas. Painted Sunday, November 2.

I typically start a painting on the left side of the background and work my way around...

...then add details to the background... (if I feel like adding details)

...then add details from back to front of the foreground...

...then add finishing details to the the foreground...

I'm weird and usually work on the floor so I can rotate around the painting or rotate the painting. Coloring is always interesting... usually muted, usually not quite realistic.

I will take better images when she dries. :)