Tuesday, November 4, 2008

| her daydream |

Soooo... I think it had officially been two years since I picked up a paint brush. It feels good to be high on oils again. ;)

Here is "Her Daydream," a 24x48 oil on canvas. Painted Sunday, November 2.

I typically start a painting on the left side of the background and work my way around...

...then add details to the background... (if I feel like adding details)

...then add details from back to front of the foreground...

...then add finishing details to the the foreground...

I'm weird and usually work on the floor so I can rotate around the painting or rotate the painting. Coloring is always interesting... usually muted, usually not quite realistic.

I will take better images when she dries. :)

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Carmen Andrés said...

Hi Sara,
I hadn't seen this part of your website because I had a very slow internet and I couldn't even download the pictures. This one is really nice.